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I deeply apologize for the lack of updates today. I’ll try to write as many as I can before I go back to what I’m doing. The Boss Lady (Cindy) is gonna be busy too, Crazy51 has WordPress problems, and the rest of the crew is busy with other stuff too. So please forgive us if it seems a bit emptier than usual ^^;

I wasn’t going to write about >>Son Dam Bi<< and SNSD coming together but I figured I’ll at least have a chance to whore out show off old school Dambi…:D you know how much I love to talk about Kpop.

SNSD and Son Dam Bi are joining forces at the Manchester United, also known as Man U game. The Kumho Tires Cup Tour 2009, organized by Mast Entertainment, stated that they want to celebrate a friendly game between Man U and Seoul FC so they want to bring out Korea’s latest and hottest celebrities. On July 21st, they announced that the nine girls and Dam Bi will be performing before kick off and during half time.

The girls of SNSD will most likely be performing their latest two hits, Tell Me Your Wish Genie and Gee while singer and actress Son Dam Bi will most likely sing Crazy and Saturday Night. Dam bi will perform prior to kick off and SNSD will perform during half time. HMMM, I highly doubt SNSD will be ‘slipping’ us any half-time goodies though *giggles*.

In addition to this family sports event, Mast Entertainment is pulling their marketing skills together and inviting 1000 underprivileged boys and girls to the Seoul Metropolitan area. The rich business people of Korea will be all over this charitable deed. Or maybe SNSD will…

Source: mydaily

Picture credit: Black_Velvet

Okay, onto the goods! If you know anything about me, then you know how much I hate it when talented people sell out on their talent just so they can try and make it big. Son Dam Bi is one of my main culprits (after KARA of course, but it’s not KARA’s fault). Check out her dancing skills before Crazy and Saturday Night and the lame dancing just to show off some sexy. OH! and before you judge me, I was the one that introduced Dambi to Allkpop before and during her debut…so I haz rights to bitch, kthnx.

I’m happy people FINALLY see what I meant when I said Hyori and Dambi looked alike. But of course people started to agree when I no longer care much for Dambi after her change T_T
People dubbed her as the Female Bi Rain… I think she has more talent than him (when it comes to dancing) but that’s just my opinion. Of course now she never really shows her true dance skills… I seriously think I was her only fan during her Cry Eye days haha. I really wanted to hate her for changing her style but you know what, she brought us A.S.S. (through PLEDIS Entertainment) so I guess I can forgive her.
Dambi wasn’t your typical young teen debutee, she was actually 23 when she debuted. She had only trained for two or three years and it was mostly hip hop dancing. She also did a lot of krumping with famous krumpers in the U.S. She’s supposed to star in an American dance film but no news on progression.

Sigh, a lil part of me wants her to go back to her old dancing style so she can collaborate with Min and HyoYeon… do a lil dance off. Then again, I’ll never see SunYe, TaeYeon, and SungHee collaborate, so what am I wasting my time for? I seriously hate all things Rain, but she did a good cover:

Video Credits: dotpotery, spazmatik, akkies, SmoothyEco, asiandavs @YT