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I didn’t have a better title… but I’m just going to list a bunch of rumors lately that people have been telling me and what I’ve been reading on JPHIP. And I know we don’t usually post rumors because it’s just a waste of time and space, but…

So I repeat: The following are just rumors. NOT trufax like JeNy and YoSooRi. You have been warned.

1) MNET and SM are settling their issues with each other and MNET wants SNSD to do a second season of Girls Go to School. With the success of SNSD’s first season as well as ONE DAY (2PM + 2AM), Wonder Girls, >>2NE1<<, and many others’ documentaries, it’s no surprise MNET wants to work things out.

2) SNSD is working on their second album. The girls said themselves that they want to make up for last year and they want to dominate 2009. Someone should make a new rumor that SNSD is gonna take all the awards home at award ceremonies. Just sayin’.

3) There will be an Etude music video. Supposedly they started filming the same night as >>Park Kyung Lim’s<< radio show.

4) If it’s not an Etude MV, then it’s a new (Incheon?) CF. >>IMAGE<<

5) SNSD will not be promoting a second song from their second mini album. So no Etude MV? Good. Because I know people/netizens will be giving the girls sheit once they go back to the “teeny bopper lollipop sugary” concept.

6) Park Myung Soo has >>recovered from Hepitits A<< and is ready to perform with Jessia at Music Core this Saturday!

7) Don Jess has tears.

Jess is lost without her Tiff. They need to make epik phails together!

Errr… maybe not? Close though. But then again, it’s a rumor.

AGAIN, these are just rumors. They are not trufax confirmed yet.

Big thanks to iacus, Tama Mama, Pooltides, and Crazy51!