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All over forums like BoAJjang, Soompi, and Soshified, people have been raving about BoA promoting SNSD to her dancers! What a good sunbae 🙂

BoA + SNSD @2008 SM Town Concert

To be honest, I thought BoA didn’t even really know much about SNSD. Yes, I know LSM calls her “the Queen of SM” and that should probably mean that she takes on some what of a business aspect to the company as well. Meaning that she should be familiar with all the artists, new or old. But can you blame me for thinking that BoA overlooks anyone younger than DBSK and CSJH? Girl has been M.I.A. from the Korean music-biz for a while now. Thought Korea still regards her so highly (thank goodness).

We all know that the majority, if not all, of SNSD are BoA fangirls. A lot of them have stated that they either became or wanted to become a singer because of BoA or that they look at BoA as a singer/entertainer/performer they admire. DAMN RIGHT, GIRLS!

Anyway, here are some things from twitter (BoA_USA) that SNSDKOREAN blogger, Crazy51 and I were talking about. Make sure to watch my favorite BoA+SNSD moments if you already know about the news!


Vick Carter (Crownatl)’s Twitter:

I’d like to thank my lil homie Bank of America for telling me about a girl band with nine hot members. I’ll be on youtube for a while.

>>Vick Carter,<< one of BoA’s dancer was introduce to SNSD by BoA. Stalkers say American netizens say that he is currently in favor of Tiffany! Oh and in case you didn’t get the joke, Vick is playing with BoA’s name. Bank of America started using the BoA initials haha but evertyone knows that BoA really stands for Best of Asia/Beat of Angel, BoA.

Crazy (15:55:31): and somebody tweeted him back @crownatl: haha She showed you SNSD? I guess she’s a fan too! What are you listening to: Gee, Kissing You, Genie? Taeyeon is the best! :]

Crazy (15:56:05): his reply was : Yeah! I dunno who is who or what they be saying. I told her about Pimp C, she is kinda gangsta now.

Crazy (15:56:57): he also said: Her home town ain’t gonna be ready when she comes back she gonna be like lil kim rocking the stage
Me (15:58:40): ……………..
Me (15:58:43): COME BACK?!

OH MAAH  GAZ! It’s time for me to whore out show off my favorite BoA+SNSD moments 😀 You must watch, ‘kay? I suggest watching the first one because not many have seen it… and SNSD is in skirts, rolling on the floor… something you don’t see in the actual performance (in the video below it). And I’ll finish it off wiht my all time favorite BoA video, the performance where HyoYeon fills in as her silhouette. Everyone thought it was still BoA until Hyoyeon debuted and revealed it was her the whole time. HyoYeon reminded me of a mini BoA (much like Tiffany and Yuri XD)- she had the belly piercing, a bajillion ear piercings, same hair color, similar in height, and in that performance she had the same hairstyle and same exact clothes.

If you want any of these mp3s, don’t be shy. Comment down below and request 🙂

Oh, and girls… BoA unni is a total beer drinker. I know how much you girls like to drink, so when unni visits, you know what to buy her at dinner!

Oh, and does anyone have that gif/video where BoA leads one of the SNSD girls (I think it was either Tiff or Jess cuz those two were tagging along BoA like little fangirls) to a spot to the stage, patted her on the head/back or something, then totally left her there XD It was a classic BoA fakeout?

Video Credits: LeoKekoa, terukool, f1am30n,  Soshihoney, tmd1910, nargous, jnd, soshisooyoung, tpgur3660,  suz84 @YT

Picture Credits: SSF + Black_Velvet + BigBang_2PM