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Which one sounds better to you? I couldn’t pick one that would be as good as wetYul. Hmmm.

Now I know SooFany already >>posted the entire show<< cut of SNSD, but to those Yuri lovers who just want to see this clip before the show gets subbed…

Credit: Teamomurice (aka Tama Mama) @YT

Get better soon, Yuri! Someone should really get the memo to Sooyoung and Yoona. There shouldn’t be any screamin-secks before variety shows or performances. Sheesh, you think they’d learn something from JeNy by now.

Oh, and speaking of JeNy…

Tiff looked rather uncomfortable, having her hand held by someone who wasn’t a girl Jessica. 🙂 I like how Jessica isn’t even phased by this and just laughs the serenaation off.

Credit: Prot0908 @YT