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Man, too bad this show, “flopped” because I really liked it šŸ˜€ It just keeps getting better and better.

HA, SNSD is so bad XD Wanting to eat instead of finding presents. Oh and Don Jess, I totally saw through that; making the poor boy pretend like he was your loyal fan just so you can score some free stuff.

But damn, once again- >>Nice kicks, Sunny!<< Everyone else is wearing heels, but your rocking sneakers! Hmm, Taeyeon was awfully quiet every time Sunny kept crushin’ on Lee Bum Soo (can’t blame her! Talented, nice body, and good lookin’!) haha.

I totally enjoyed Jessica’s mad faces every time someone tested her >:| I hope Shinyoung‘s poor arm wasn’t the result of that…

I was seriously happy when Tiffany mentioned conveying emotions through singing because she’s the best at that. Seriously. And I was surprised, really surprised, at how much Tiffany’s acting has improved. Compared to the acting her and Taeyeon conveyed in that once guest appearance for a small drama, it has improved tremendously. I guess Yoona wasn’t lying in Sang Sang Plus when she said Tiffany had been taking secret acting lessons. I’m sure Jessica was too (don’t worry Jess, every girls an actress in the bedr—*giggle giggle*) everyone else in the room was as well with the expressions they had.

Seobaby has emotions!

OH! And if anyone can find me the clip or show that Hyeryeon appeared as Gollum, I’d greatly appreciate that.