Is Soo a sexymama or what?

 Talk about super SNSD dose from the television this weekend. In addition to normal trio of music appearance @ MuBank, MuCore, and Inkigayo, they also appeared/will appear on Invincible Saturday, Open Concert (<- actual show to be released later), Star King, and Star Golden Bell . Adding on to this long list, Champagne Show feat.SNSD is broadcasted today! For full review + full show, click ‘continue reading’!

Part 1/1 Review: As expected, lots of little singing here and there, but unexpectedly, Hyo is first! She does this deep Louis Armstrong  impersonation, and I thought she did quite well! Seo is next, and I am impressed. She’s not singing with the usual high little girl voice she normally uses, so I’m loving it! And double wow, her eye bags are HUGE, like 5x bigger than normal. She needs rest! Then we have Soo, and as a giant Soo fan, not only am I dissappointed but my ears hurt… atleast she didn’t go off key though. Hmm a few of the girls get red noses, what the heck? Then we have… SNSD’s cute Gee and alluring Genie pose! Sunny, Yuri, SeoHyun, Tiffany, and YoonA demonstrates! (I might as well mention, Tiffany is the only one that failed for the sexy Genie post because she was too cutiepie by smiling happily, but no worries I still love you Fany!). A surprise awaits for you fans @5:14, you’ll have to watch the video to find out what it is! @7:49, aeygo overdose from surprisingly, Yoona! I’m still shuddering!

Part 2/2 Review: We begin with Yoong, Fany, Hyo and Sica doing a dance through SNSD times~ From Kissing You to Girls Generation to Gee to Genie. Then Soo does a ‘sexy’ dance… wait what SOO? Yes Soo! I’m surprised, since usually Hyo or Yul gets the spotlights for dance, Soo does the same routine Yulti did for MuCore commerical break a while back. Keke Fany so protective of Soo as she chases away the guy who’s trying to ‘grind’ w/Soo and pulls Soo back. Next we have some JeTiHyun love~ oh my love~ and Sica and oodles of noodles~ Sunny’s dance and some Yuri cuts!

And there you have it, another non-korean-comprehending review. Go me! Enjoy the videos ^^ below courtesys of prot0980 @ youtube!!

Part 1/2:

Part 2/2: