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Tiffany and the >>Oppa Band<<  are >>just jammin’<< in her first guest apperance as the lead singer for the band. You can check it out below!

I actually really enjoyed this because I’m such a big fan of instruments so I always think it’s cool to see creative and talented people just jam. Plus, they just totally focus on the bass and drums the whole time which I am so for! And you can’t beat a tribute to Michael Jackson ❤ I find it ironic (and awesome!) that Tiffany, nicknamed Jackson Hwang, was chosen this very week when the Oppa Band wanted to do a tribute to the King of Pop.

Credit: ssfsubs @YT

Just in case you want to cheat and watch the next episode without subs, here are Tiffany’s cuts 🙂 I’ve yet to see them, but this is the performance cut as well as the return of SungMin who was missing from last week’s episode.

Credit: Prot0908 @YT