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So this week our girls hit up both Star King and Star Golden Bell.

Here’s a quick peek at a dance cut (AND YES TIFFANY WITH HER MUSHROOM HAIR AGAIN):

Dance Cut @ Star King:

All videos in this post are courtesy of prot0980 @ youtube! Thanks for the quick upload :)! Click the ‘continue reading’ button below for comments and links to the full shows!|

None of it is subbed yet, so most likely I won’t be watching Star King but yes Star Golden Bell

So comments from a person who understand -1 korean:

I loved their uniforms for SGB, if my school had ANY of those pretty uniforms, I’d be thrilled!

Part 1: Already @ 0:28 the MC is cracking me up with his rather ‘enthusiastic’ actions. They also talk about the part where Soo likes to lift up her pinky (supposedly for balance but you can’t fool me Soo!). Soo and Seo goes joins a dance, actually Seo looked half lost while Soo did it good naturally. That guy in the middle was weird though!

Part 2: They begin their TMYW perf, and I guess the girls got a bit confused here because Yuri steps in front of Tiffany for her part and Tiffany walks towards the back. But no worries, I *ahem* we got our load of Tiffany during her second solo. I thought @1:22 was awkward, I wonder if anyone else picked that part up? @0:32 I SAW this girl pop up, and (I’m SO SORRY HYO) I thought it was HyoYeon and I’m like, what the heck are you doing? Then at @1:22 I went into shock, LOL. I won’t explain it, you have to go watch yourself!

Part 3: NICOLE IS HERE! She sings a bit of TMYW, her voice sounds a bit unnatural though, at first I thought it was soar throat but after watching her more I think it was just nerves. Then I think she picks YoonA has her fav member.

Part 4: Korean much? They made fun of Tiffany/Jessica/Nicole for something.

Part 5: More quiz show and then the final question for Sunny, who ofcourse got it right! VICTORY FOR SUNNYBUNNY!

Star King Show 1/2:

Star King Show 2/2:

Star Golden Bell (Part 1/5)

Star Golden Bell (Part 2/5)

Star Golden Bell (Part 3/5)

Star Golden Bell (Part 4/5)

Star Golden Bell (Part 5/5)