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Okay, so I messaged CodeMonMon as some of you guys suggested and I thanked him/her for all the great (HD) videos that we’ve been given the pleasure to watch. I personally said how much I enjoy performances by other artists in such great quality, not just SNSD :p but that’s because I’m a Kpop lover heehee.

Anyway, because of this, ALL of us have been given a present 🙂

>>Full image<<

So if you’re a loyal reader to SNSDKOREAN, then you’re lucky because now you get to keep a >>very cool SNSD remix<<!

This is for You and Them!!

# Girls Generation – Genie(Mix, 3rd Ver.)
– File Name : SNSD-Genie(3rd.Mix).720P.x264.AAC.rar
– Size : 219.02 MB
– Link : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LWUPY5X8
# Password : monmonsnow

In case you’re interested in the latest CodeMonMon remix, here it is: