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It’s time I feature another SNSD fan and their work on SNSDKOREAN and this time it’s Aliks from Allkpop!

I’ve talked to Alkis a few times and he always talks about no longer doing remixes… Heh, guess he couldn’t resist our girls! Check out his >>Youtube Channel<< for more of his great remixes 🙂

Here are his past SNSD remixes:

My favorite SNSD remix (especially since it’s mixed with Lady Gaga!) has got to be the one he did for Gee.

And of course, I can’t end this post without givin’ y’ll some goodies~

>>zShare 6MB @192 KBPS TMYWGRemix<<

>>zShare 3.96MB @192KBPS KissingYouRemix<<

>>zShare 7.5MB @192KBPS GeeRemix<<

Please remember to credit me if you link the downloads anywhere else!