The nine ladies of snsd have been transformed into the Simpsons. Can you guess who is who?

I fail…I only knew Tiff and Yuri lol D: No cheating if you can read Korean! Tell us how many you get right :]

credits; sicafan52 for the link, popseoul


 Suga daddy?..




from left to right Hoyeon, Jessica, 2nd row: Sohyeon, Sooyoung, 3rd row: Sunny, Taeyeon, 4th row: Tiffany, Yoona, and Yuri.

Tiff and Yul were the most obvious to me because Tiff was just bathed in pink and Yul..well that skin tone just gives it away with the Kardashian hair hahaha. What’s up with Soo adorned in bling? 😛