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A little kid has more game than all of us combined. Damn.

This is just a translation of the video that >>I posted<< .

Damn, Yoona be pimpin’ too. Move over Yuri, someone’s tryin’ your game. Then again, they do say that students should surpass their master.

“Phone number! Preaze.”

Ha, at least he didn’t have to ask >>repeatedly<<… But I love how SooYoung is still so kkangpae bossy to a little kid haha. They’re all crowding around him like… god, they make it too easy for me. If only those spoons were lollipops or bubble gum, maybe even toothpicks, it’d be cooler.

…You know, SNSD has been around a lot of kids lately… PEDO SHIDAE?!

Credit: Soshisubs7 @YT