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There are many signs to stardom. Some see it in the number of fans that scream out your name in the crowd. Some count the ever-growing  money >>and watch the money pile up<<. Some may even notice it when they count their dwindling hours of sleep each day.

Whatever the case may be, the ultimate sign of fame is when you say “No.”


SNSD, unlike most singers, turned down offers to make OSTs and earn some money. Singers usually hop on every offer they can get not only to gain exposure, but also to gain profit. However, it truly takes busy and elite people to turn down such offers. And SNSD just happens to be one of them.

Of course, it wasn’t the nine girls who declined the offer but the bosses themselves, SM Entertainment. You may know them as money hungry and slave driving, but SM Ent actually turned down the offers to participate in drama and movie OSTs so the girls can concentrate on their Tell Me Your Wish, Genie mini-album promotions. If you want to think positively about SM Entertainment, this also might mean that they are actually letting the girls rest! But that’s a long shot.

The girls stated that they want to focus on remaining and promoting as a group and to discontinue doing solo work for a while. Hmmm, that’s interesting. I guess that’s good. I seriously can’t stand only eight T_T (ahem ahem, Yoona!). It’s smart though, because we all know once Yoona starts to disappear again, little by little, that it means she’ll be doing another drama. I guess they didn’t want to do new OSTs because they didn’t want nine to turn into eight, then eight turn into seven, and so on. But it’s interesting that Jessica gets the exception as of late…

This is a bold move since SNSD has done quite well with OSTs in the past. Award winning, chart topping, and gaining much popularity (especially) due to TaeYeon’s OST solos. It’s no surprise that everyone wants the rare skilled idol singers to participate in their projects.

A representative of a TV station commented, “SNSD is able to effectively capture the emotions of the certain movie or drama.” You got that right.

Credit: Sosiz (article) , Black_Velvet (picture)