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New outfits, awesome performance, loud fan-chants, and new MuBank record. This gotta be my favorite Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) performance so far.  😀

cr: prot0980

The winning + encore cut:

cr: prot0980

With this winning SNSD set a new record of Music Bank highest score with epic 17,995 points. The previous record was DBSK’s  Mirotic with 16,404 points. Aren’t the girls awesome or what?!


GAHHH~ I LOVE THE NEW UNIFORMS! They’re wearing tie~! They’re wearing tie~~~!
Haha I do have a thing for tie — and  uniforms! Needless to say, this is my favorite Genie’s outfit so far… even pantless JeNy on the last SBS Inkigayo performance is no competition. :]

The fan-chants was loud, the girls performed well (but is it just me or they sound pretty tired, especially Tiffany? 😦 ). The backstage was dull and what about those random umbrellas?! I like how Tiffany said “DJ, put it back on!” on this performance. Finally we got a smart camera-man who focusing on Taeyeon during her ad-libs. It’s kinda cool how Seobaby was swinging her arm before saluting at the end… and gosh, I love how almost everyone (Sunny being the exception) were saluting at their ending pose. ❤ Haha I guess Sunny Bunny hasn’t get used to the salute or something.

Salute! Nice tie, Kwon Yuri!

Their winning is pretty much expected, tbh. After losing from 2PM last week (because at that time Genie album sales weren’t being counted yet due to album delay) now it’s undoubtedly SNSD’s turn to win. Moreover, their biggest competition for today, Seo Taeji, also had his album delayed too. Even though the winning was expected, but it’s truly amazing how the girls set a new highest score for MuBank by almost 18,000 points, beating THE Dong Bang Shin Ki record. I’d say that is such a big accomplishment for a girl group like SNSD to beat a record held by a group like DBSK. ^_^