Come on innnn. jk I just wanted an excuse to use this GIF..anyway.

So one of our graphics team member Ellle sent me an email the other day with some, shall I say breath taking, GIFs of the girls on stage and I couldn’t help but laugh when i saw these certain gifs.

Sexy Yul and then…

Soo flaunting them long legs..and then..

Subtle Tae. šŸ˜€

I guess the sexy image really is a tad awkward for our leader…actually, it’s when she has to try and be sexy that makes it awkward. Like the Pussycat Dolls performance. šŸ˜› Poor girl. But I’m sure we all agree, apart from these random bending dance movements and leg rubbing, she can be quite hot, right? Like whenever she opens up each Genie perf or even in the genie music video.Aww, the girl who used to wear pigtails is growing up….image wise at least (: Not that I didn’t like the pigtails but I do enjoy the sight of a more mature lookin leader!

You drive me craaaazyyy.

One minute you’re the cutest things on earth then you’re complete freaks of nature then you’re..too hot for your own health.

I think…I just wanted an excuse to make a post and use these certain gifs. Whatever, I’m sure everyone enjoyed the luring hands, legs, and head rollin`

credits; ellle