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All righty.

So earlier as >>reported<<, SNSD visited Shim Shim Tapa radio late in the night and our favourite mushroom Tiffany did a passionate cover of ‘Bleeding Love’ (originally sung by Leona Lewis). We saw YoonA and Sooyoung fooling around during the performance, some crazy “fans” called them unprofessional and rude on youtube.

Well, what do those kids know? I’d like to differ!

If you have heard of So You Think You Can Dance and followed season 4, you’d totally understand why SooYoon were doing their spazzy dances! They were just imitating a dance from it! Two of the dancers there did a performance with the song ‘Bleeding Love’… and boy was it memorable. I could talk on and on about how Season 4 is the best season, but I’ll stop and show you the clip:

How good was this performance? Well, let me tell you, at the end of Season 4, only 8 of the 70 partner-dances were asked to be encored, and this was one of them, that’s how good this dance and performance was. Sadly, Season 5 is falling short of expectation :(… I already kinda gave up watching it…

On another note: regarding the real star of the song for that night, Tiffany: she was excellent! I know I know, she went off key, couldn’t reach some notes, and got some lyrics wrong… but so what? This is one of the few times where her shortness of breathe and mistakes that actually ADDED to the real emotions to the song for me. I loved how Tiffany kept singing “I keep keep bleeding love” so beautiful, I give her two thumbs up for this perf!

And as for growing “fobbiness”… I noticed that a long time ago when she did a cover for ‘Stickwitu” by PCD, but you know, her accent isn’t that noticeable and honestly… even the people who grew up here in canada still sometimes sound fobbish… I mean we can’t help it because we speak other languages!