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Haha just kidding. I couldn’t come up with a better title, so I just went with whatever hit me first :p

Lately, SNSDKOREAN has been featuring a lot of cool people and we hope to do more. This time however, I’m not going to feature any videos… so put your reading glasses on because this is gonna be an eye-full.

If you appreciate hip hop music, then I hope you get a kick out of this. I’d like to thank the kickass faithful reader, thatonezombie (aka TOZZzz) for coming up with this. If you enjoyed my Dis iz Surrious Bidnezz post about the secrets of Kkangpae Shidae, then I hope you enjoy this!

But before we start, and in case you’re not familiar with the nine from Shaolin Island, hittin’ it big and multi-platinum, havin’ big dreams and business plans- >>get educated<<

From TOZZzz:

Okay, I know some of you out there know that I had the crazy idea of trying to figure out who in SNSD is who in Wu-Tang. And I finally figured it out. Before I go any further, go get yourself familiar with the members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

You dont need to know every damn detail about them, but as long as you have a general knowledge of who everyone is, we should be fine.

Aight peeps, lets do this shit!


It only makes sense really. Taeyeon is the leader of SNSD and RZA is the “de facto” leader of the Wu-Tang Clan. Both are there to give the other members guidance and advice. It also helps that both are razor blade sharp. Also, RZA has Bobby Digital, his alter ego and Taeyeon while her alter ego doesn’t have a name, it’s definitely her dorky side.


Gotta give props to the girl who has the blood of a queen and her vain ain’t spillin, Owaranai_sLaVe aka SLAVEEee for making this match up easy for me. Go >>read this<<. You will see that Sica is da Don, which makes her the Genius of the group and if SNSD formed like Voltron, Sica would be the head. The GZA is The Genius and as Method Man puts it, “He the head, lets put it that way. We form like Voltron and GZA happen to be the head.”

Sunny/Ghostface Killah

If you have been following the boat-load of TV appearances, you find out that Sunny when she was really little she was in Kuwait. So that makes her bulletproof strong. Ghostface is Iron Man which also makes him bulletproof strong. Also, in early Wu-Tang promotions, Ghostface always had a mask on, so nobody really knew who he was. Sunny was the last person to be announced as a member of Girls Generation so nobody knew who she was as well at the time. I’d also like to add that Sunny is like a ghost. Not in that scary way, but like Casper! A cute and nice ghost with a great heart and good intentions. Plus, with a face as cute, plump, and porcelain skin, it’s not wonder she’s da Ghostface!

Tiffany/Inspectah Deck

Quite simply, both spit fire. Because of this they are the voices you first hear on a song. And once you hear their voices, you know its on and no turning back. They both also the cool kids on the block. Even if you thought they weren’t around, they was always around when shit happens. Like a DECK of cards, Tiff’s got a lot of charm. It’s no wonder why people love her. Like the Inspectah, she will take any challenge that comes her way. They may have a pretty face, but both have a soul made of armor.


U-God is Golden Arms. Golden Arms are mad strong so they can crush your throat. Hyoyeon has been working out, as seen during the Hahaha promotions. From head to toe, Hyoyeon is made out of >>muscle<<. Or have you forgotten? >>End of Story<<


Raekwon is the chef. He can cook anything. Yuri is no slouch in the cooking department. Raekwon is an underrated MC who spits nuthin but heat rocks. As demostrated when Wonder Girls & SNSD performed each other songs and other moments after that, Yuri has one siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick flow. Both are just vicious on the mic. Just like Raekwon, KWON Yuri loves her medical herbs. Just look at her above! And look at her relaxing,>> zen-like face<<, afterwards.

Yoona/Method Man

Let’s be real for a second. Yoona is the breakout star from Girls Generation. She was the one who broke out and acted in dramas after dramas after dramas. At least for me, she was the first girl from the group that I was able to identify by name. As you talk about Dirty Mef, he is the breakout star from Wu-Tang. He was the only dude to have a solo song on their first album. Loads of people know who Method Man is and have no idea who Wu-Tang is. Also, let’s not forget that Method Man and Yoona have a thing for… awesome facial expressions!

Sooyoung/Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Before we move any further, Rest In Peace ODB. The world misses you and your 100% genuine personality.
Aight, I know what you are thinking. How in the blue-est of blue hell is Sooyoung ODB? They both do whatever the hell they want to. Remember during the MTV SNSD episodes, during her episode when all the girls were chillin’, she could have helped the cooking or the cleaning team, but she said hell no to that. She walked around the house bossing everyone around to do their job. When you hear stories about Sooyoung, what are they about? Is it about how polite and soft-spoken she is? NOT! If there was a (nicer sounding?) female equivalent to ODB’s name, it’d be given to Sooyoung. Oh, and let’s not forget her underground nickname (courtesy of Sev oppa), Soo-G!

Seohyun/Masta Killa

Check this out, they both usually aren’t in the spotlight. But they operate in the shadows. They are both calm, but temp them enough, they will split you down the middle with the liquid sword. (Yes I realize that Seo didn’t go bananas hitting Tiffany with the pillow during Horror Movie Factory, but if you gave her enough time, she would have destroyed all.) Also, they are both students. Seo is a student during all of the singing and the Masta is the student of the rap game. He didn’t know how to rap, but he learned and how he is lyrically dangerous.

For more love, >>go here<<…cuz we’re just actin’ like fools in this thread haha.


I know TOZZzz didn’t want me to do this… but I have to anyway :p