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Cindy’s edit: added another picture under the cut! and..question: how did our lil bunny hop onto that stage? 😛

Well…when you propt her up on a rising stage…

Click on the link for the bigger and uncut >>version of the picture<< above.

This is from today’s Star Golden Bell ^^ I am sooo happy that our little genius, Sunny, is the challenger. I hope she gets it! I have faith in Sunny’s wits and clever thinking.

I highly doubt it, but I hope Nicole is still there for more Level With Me… but I haven’t watched it in so long and I haven’t been seeing uploaded cuts from my usual KARA uploaders on YT… Darn! Whatever, I just hope SGB gives us a good show.

Oh, and is that Minwoo next too Yoona?! WOW! They knocked him out the first column?! That’s somethin’, SNSD!

Credit: Tama Mama @JPHIP

credits; as tagged + ~linhchi15~ @ ssf