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Okay, let me get the new video out of the way so I can go ahead and feature a new video and fangirl about Jessica (teehee~) below all this.

So as we showed you, >>Jessica is in Infinity Challenge<< with comedian/singer, Park Myungsoo and they have a new song together, Cold Noodles. And here are some translations for a cute part:

I must say, my Korean is getting good cuz I totally assumed that they were doing a play on words! Anyway, you can watch Jessica’s cuts in this Infinity Challenge episode by clicking >>PT.1<< and >>PT.2<<. Hahaha, I love that throughout the whole show, Jessica just really didn’t care about anything… but at least she talked more than usual. I can’t wait for this show to be subbed…I mean, A.S.S. (After School), Tasha with hubby Drunken Tiger, Lee Jung Hyun, Don Don, Epik High, and great comedians!

Also, if you don’t get what’s going on… from what I comprehend… Myungsoo wanted to ask Jessica to do a song together since he was portraying her in the parody. So she said sure, let me introduce you to E-tribe because they make good hits. so they give them this Cold Noodle song and they’re like “wth…”. So Myungsoo, thinking that since this was his idea, he’ll get all the verses while Jessica just backs him up. So they go in Infinity Challenge and they start fighting, laughing, blah blah. When it’s time to sing because Jessica is sick of just fighting with him, she steals his lines! that’s why he’s so confused haha and doesn’t know what to say while all his co-comedians make fun of him.
Sigh, I love it when the Don takes charge!


Alright, it’s time to fangirl~ yay~

So what youre telling me is, you want me to throw this hot soup in your face and kick your ass?

"So what you're telling me is, you want me to throw this hot soup in your face and kick your ass?"

I like how everyone was pretending to fight for the skit but once Jessica was actually caught off guard, she got in a real fighting stance ^^;
Don Jess, you’re too cool.

Speaking of too cool…

Did anyone else notice that… Jessica barely even danced during all the dance scenes on the boat? LOL! And check it out, she turns around to look at Tiffany… “Why are we…doing…this? Can we go back to the bed scene please? >>I’m tired and my knee hurts…“<<

Hahahah, I know I’ve said this before… but I love how Jessica thought she was too cool for the uniform, not wanting to look like everyone else. “I wear my own uniform, foo!”. Oh, it just feeds into my Kkangpae Shidae theories when everyone stops everything and rushes to see if Jessica’s foot is okay. Teehee. Tiffany probably couldn’t rush to her side because she was too busy hyperventilating and freaking out on the other side (which is why the others stayed there to aid her as well), worried about Jessica. Sigh, poor tiff. She’s just not used to seeing Jessica so hurt! Probably why she doesn’t tag along during Jessica’s time of business.

Man, I just can’t wait for another >>Don Appreciation Week<<…

Credits: Zoolander @JPHIP, CatchCatCast + Aienbest @YT