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Okay, so while I was out, I THINK I asked myself if the album was coming out today… but then my friends brought up going to Jamba Juice and it goes blank from there. So I completely forgot till now about the album haha. Right now it’s midnight and I’m listening to the fifth song on the album… So I’ll be writing this review on my first listen to the mini-album.

As I’ve probably shared before (maybe not here, but definitely on JPHIP), I wasn’t sure about buying this album when I saw the teaser of the MV. Of course, that changed when I heard that they’d have a song called Etude on it and I thought that it’d be a cover of BoA’s song… cuz HELLZ YEAH, I’d buy the mini album for that. But when I found out it wasn’t the same song, my mind went back to being unsure even though I totally started digging the full Tell Me Your Wish, Genie song. So I just told myself that I’d listen to the album before purchasing it. I know, I know, I probably shouldn’t be telling you this and should be emphasizing to BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT—BUT why lie to you precious readers? I never hide anything from you and you get the truth from me (like it or not :P) so why lie about this? Yes, I did download it and yes, I’m still thinking about buying it.

With that said, I will share my thoughts on SNSD’s second mini-album. Just know, I’ll be referencing >>this post<<…

1. 소원을 말해봐(Genie)
2. Etude
3. 여자친구(Girlfriend)
4. 남자친구(Boyfriend)
5. 동화(My Child)
6. 1년 後(One Year Later) feat. Onew of SHINee

1) Okay, you know my thoughts on this song. It’s a total dance song and I like it just for the fact that it’s >>a rebel<< song. It may not be as catchy as Gee, and it may not have the best dance… but it’s still a good song. Overall, I give it an 8/10. It misses two points for totally faking me out with those voices! D: Stop singing in a higher key!

2) Fine, it’s not BoA’s song… I gotta admit, after my second or third listen because of my attempts to color code it, it started to get catchier! It’s not a bad song at all and from what I understand, it has a cute message. I give it an 8/10 as a general song but a 10/10 for trying to bring back the old school SNSD style with their ‘more mature’ style and succeeding.

3) …Can I just skip this song? Because that’s seriously what I felt like doing when I was about a minute in… And like I said, I’m gonna be honest as I always am… but this song was just not my taste AT ALL. Let’s just say that if I wanted to listen to bubbly-gum Jpop again, I’d go back to Hello! Project… And because of TaeYeon’s voice in the beginning, I give this song a 4/10. JEEZ, I don’t even think I’ve rated a person that low before. I’m sorry SNSD, but it’s true. I don’t think I’ll ever be listening to this song. And as much as I want to blame JeNy just to reference them and blame them for such a poor song (because they were probably too busy doing GIRLFRIEND things…), it’s so bad that I DON’T want to associate such a song with them. Bah… so bad I can’t even come up with anything funny to say and I think I just made a circular reason.


Give it to me!
So many boys wanna give it to me
But I want you, boy, give it to me
‘Cause I’m so ready, boy, give it to me

Yes. YES. LOL. YES. OMG. Can this song be any more EPIC?! OMG, I’m still laughing after like the seventh listen. Thanks so much, Tama Mama for compelling me to listen to this song ASAP. Haha, Jeez Taeyeon, can you be anymore obvious? Not to mention, I was totally digging the style of the song, it’s very retro. Not only that, but I like the their vocals in the song… I definitely heard a lot more of the rest of SNSD (besides the lead FIVE, because Sunny is a singer too!) xD I give this song a 10 OUT OF 10 (10/10). Yes, that’s right, sing the 2PM song with me cuz this song is just OWNING this freaking mini-album. FREAKING.OWNING.IT. I suspect a lot of children will be made to this song. Speaking of baby making…

5) To the next song,  I give this song a 9.5/10 in general. It’s a very good song; I love how the vocals are and just the general flow of the song… but putting this song after such an epic song in the album was a mistake. Because it makes me want to hit rewind twice so I can get back to Boypren Boyfriend. I think the best part is the harmony at the end… I almost felt like I was in the “It’s a Small World After all” boat ride at Disney World haha.

6) It’s Jessica. 10/10.

Hahahaha, okay I’ll be real. It’s a good song and although I prefer Key’s vocals to Onew’s… it’s not bad. But it’s forgettable and that’s saying something because everyone should know that Don Jess is my hero favorite in SNSD. I’m actually quite happy that she FINALLY gets her own ‘solo’ song because even Tiffany got one before her. And as much as I love ballad songs (actually, I’m a sucker for ballads!) it’s still very forgettable! I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve never seemed to like male/female duets in K-pop except for J.Lim and Ha Dong Hyun’s rendition of Park Hyo Shin’s Haru Haru? I mean, I don’t even find Xiah Junsu and Jang Ri In’s Timeless to be a good ballad and I know that’s a lot of people’s favorite Kpop ballad. LOL maybe it’s just because Jessica can’t connect with males XD… (Yes, a Jessbian reference!) Hmm, maybe I just need to give it a few more listens just like most of SNSD’s solo songs haha. So for now, I give this song a 8/10.


When I heard Boyfriend, I told myself I was buying this album. Wait, I lie. When I read the lyrics that Tama Mama posted before I downloaded the album, I told myself to screw everything and buy it just for that song. But then I heard Girlfriend… Well, I guess that’s what the skip button is for…!

Now, don’t even THINK about asking for this album. If you really want it that bad because you can’t buy it at YesAsia or DVDheaven (who is selling the poster as well!), then you should know where to find this album. Seriously, it’s not that hard lol especially when I advertise so many things in my posts anyway.

Okay, now it’s time to listen to Boyfriend for the 12th time.