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Okay, if you couldn’t guess that this post was gonna be about Tiffany, then you fail.

Anyway, I was posting the performances over at JPHIP when I decided to check Tiffany’s thread… Tama Mama posted some pictures and I was interested for two reasons:

1) Tiffany’s eyes

2) Tiffany’s arms



How are they ALWAYS glossy? It’s no wonder why in cartoons or Tiffany characatures that her eyes are always blank and big haha.

"*giggle giggle* Have you been working out?"

There may not be any definition or cuts in those muscles, but I definitely see a bulge in her left arm… and a little more definition in her right—– GOD, do I sound creepy for noticing this or what?! Wow, I’ve never felt this creepy before lol. Okay, that’s where my fandom stops. But I will say, we all knew Tiffany has muscles in the other half of her body, I just didn’t know she had any in her arms… Hmm, I guess after lifting Jes–

Anyway, incase you’re intereseted, here are two more pictures of Tiffany from that night.