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So who’s still up waiting for the debut performance of “Tell me your wish (Genie)”!?!?

I am, obviously.

(Credit: allkpop’s xyiseul + SM Entertainment)

So I thought, well my review in the comment was so long, that I might as well as make a post out of it, because I’m THAT bored.

So presenting you: Soofany’s Review on “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”!

Dislikes Disappointments:
1). The dance It was so NOT what it hyped up to be. It looked like typical SNSD dance moves, in fact I think its one of the most PLAIN dance since babybaby.
2). PJ girls – Yul/Sica/Yoon did not have GLAM make up and were doing “cute stuff”… Kind of ruined the whole point of the MV for me. If SM didn’t want the girls to be sexy in bed, they should have picked another back drop.
3). Hyo’s Solo – Her solo looks NOTHING new. Looks almost like the one she did for ‘Tell Me’ dancebreak.
4). Fany’s hair – Everyone else looked AMAZING. Couldn’t they have done something better to her hair?
5). Engrish – I still can’t stand who ever pronounces world and wish, I dont know why, but it just doesn’t sound right!
6). The giggles and shizzles- There were too many of those, once or twice would have been cute and enough.
7). The hands at the beginning. That was kind of creepy for me.

2). The Uniforms – SO SMEXY! I liked the green ones the best.
3). The chorus YES ITS IS GROWING ON ME!!!
4). CakeGirls They were acting cute too but atleast they looked hot (esp soo w/her smokey eyes), and i loved how soo smash the mini cake into the camera and seo jumps out of the cake.

1). DrinkGirls – HOT HOT HOT. I dont know if it was my low expectation of Fany and Sunny to be sexy, but seriously, along with Tae, these 3 were WIN. Their solo shots definitely made the MV smexy. (Isn’t it funny how it was all miero drinks?)
2). The runway beginning – It was such a dramatic and sexy beginning, and tae+sica definitely brought IT for their solos.
2.5). The Beat – the beat of the song is sooo awesome, I’m starting to appreciate this song so much more!
3). Seo’s parts – I dont know why they dont let her sing in her sexy low voice, but her high parts were very pleasant to listen to, only problem is durin duets her voice over shadowed the other girls.
4). The non-chorus solos – Super smexy, i seriously love those parts now, Tae/Sica + Fany/Sunny definitely made this song  smexy.
5). Tae’s solo at the end – amazing. Loved it!

So overall, I rank this MV a 8/10 and #4 for now.
1). Gee
2). INTW
3). Girls Generation
4). Genie
5). Kissing You (I was debating if i should rank kissing you before Genie, because even tho it was all basically ONE white room with bubbles, it was shot so much better and fitted the cute theme. But in the end I decided the lack vocals of KY makes it 5th place after Genie.).
6). Himnae
7). Baby Baby