Ok screw my other post, I spent so long typing it and staring at the screen that the freaking perfs are out. Not the best quality atm but prot0980 @ youtube is awesome enough to upload at SUPER SPEED, WE LOVE YOU prot0980!!! -edit- Slowly I am replacing all the videos with uploads from codemonmonseason2 @ youtube instead, because most of those are in HQ now. So yes, we love codemonmonseason2 too!

Included is:
1). JeTiHyun – Oh My Love (SES)
2). Seo + Soo’s Kchart at MuBank
3). Boys and Girls Generation – Gee
5). SNSD winning award for being ranked #1 for first half of the year

Ok now that I have done my job, I’m going to watch each and every vid again and give some fangirlspazz! -squeal-

Ok so TOO BAD, for video’s, you’ll just have to scroll down because I want to do my fangirlspazz up here!

JeTiHyun – Oh My Love (SES) – at first, I totally had no clue why they would be performing this… I mean why not pick a better song? It turns out that MuBank did a special “K-Pop I dol Parade” where Kara, Shinee, SNSD, and 2PM each performed an old tribute to old kpop groups from their respective company. I think JeTiHyun were exceptionally lovely, reminding me of lovely princesses and ballerinas. Their vocals were pretty good too! (And just a shout out to (especially) Shinee, 2Pm, and Kara.. greaaat job too.) But I have a problem, why did it seem like the cheers for our girls weren’t very loud?

Boys & Girls Generation’s Gee The fan scream and loud music made me sooo hyped up, and I actually loved the performance now. I was just so eager for Genie that I just skimmed through this the first time. ShinDong totally rocked it lol even if he did mess up.

Genie – Okay, I’ll be honest. I do not think it was a good DEBUT performance. Just from the start, it was already lacking. I think if they had the girls done a runway walk towards the platform, it would have made a huge difference than just start by standing there. The music/beat should have been louder. The uniforms, while these are my uniforms, I found the colour VERY dull, and not visually appealing in contrast to the backdrop. The dance… well I’ve seen it all now, except for Hyo’s solo where they didn’t even focus her… and I have to say I’m super fustrated because it’s not really good, and I did not care for the ending where they all did a few improvised dance pose. 9 girls doing that at the end just looks messy. However, I have to say the positive side to this debut performance is that their vocals were on par and amazing. I think TaeTae and Fany definitely stole the show with their vocals. Did anyone else notice that Jessica’s parts is MINIMAL? I just realize that, and usually she has the most parts!

And yes the count for MuBank Awards is now 10, I cannot foresee anyone beating this, except for the girls themselves! I’m not sure if they can do it with Genie, but I have faith in them and their other songs!

I’m so eager for Music Core now and hope they put on a better show! A better backdrop + diff outfits makes huge difference in performance ratings!

1). JeTiHyun – Oh My Love (SES)


2). Seo + Soo’s Kchart at MuBank

3). Boys Generation performing first half and SNSD performing the latter part of Gee.


5). SNSD award for ranking #1 for first half of 2009. YES EVERYONE, its 10 awards now! Lol it was kind of weird because all the girls were hugging and crying and just left Soo to talk by herself in the front. Ahh I do love Gee, congrats SNSD!

 And yes: here are the videos!!!1).