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So many rumors flying about lol. The comeback’s real this time it’s just matter of dates now. Official comeback announcement should be out soon, likely this week.

The person who heard the new song is supposedly Yoona’s Cinderella man staff. Kwon Sangwoo asked the person about Yoona’s shoe size then gave Yoona Gucci sneakers for birthday. The person is not sure if the song he heard is the title track but said it feels like a ‘pop song’. In Korea ‘pop song’ refers to easy listening dancy tunes with 70/80s feel – something like ABBA, Ace of Base.

Lee Euna has snsd pics on her cyworld page. On the new Hahaha pic she says “The first Hahaha outfit didn’t go perfectly with the campaign so I tried this new one”

Sooyoung yesterday filmed SBS variety BoongUhPang. Her sister and mom will also be featured. Witnesses say Sooyoung cut her hair short.

Tiffany will be back as DanFany(Short hair Fany) too

Album cover was shot on 5th and you can see the makeup in the Dongyang concert same day.

There are some more random rumors like TaeNy as new roommates, Seohyun playing piano on Mnet 20s Choice etc



😀 I love this. Probably my most favorite rumors ever heard. I’m excited to hear this new soon, I’m stoked for SHORT HAIR ON TIFF <33, and the Taeny roomate rumors is just beautiful. …I can already hear you JeNy fans out there throwing excuses at me as to why TaeNy are roomates, especially Maria. GO AWAY.