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It’s time to move on from the >>horror and drama<< folks and get down with the love making!

So Tama Mama informed SNSD fans at JPHIP that the girls are gonna show the people of South Korea how babies are made, >>every Tuesday night at 10 PM<< on KBS Joy network.

Yes, that’s right, 10… at night… when the kiddies go to bed… <insert Quagmire’s “allllll right” here> It’ll be every week starting this June 23!

"Come on honey, let's take this to the room!"

"Come on honey, let's take this to the room!"

They’ll be showing exactly what loving making looks like 😉

Don’t you find it the least bit funny that they’d choose 10PM? Is it also gonna show how they got the baby or something ? And no, I don’t mean having sex everywhere with hot men. This is SNSD we’re talking about here. Unless they want to unveil how Yoona, Yuri, and SooYoung made Seobaby or are willing to show Taeyeon doing it with Junsu some dude or JeNy fighting about whose turn it is to change the diaper since both of them don’t get out of bed…

Haha I don’t know, it just makes me laugh at the thought of it being at a time when all the kiddies go to sleep haha

Update: They said before in articles that they were gonna babysit for various parents like working parents, college students, etc.

Credit: Tama Mama @JPHIP