Update: added fan accounts

As reported earlier, today the girls are filming the second Samsung’s HaHaHa MV at Incheon Airport.

Check out the fancam!

cr: prot0980 //source : 산소결핍 ( http://daum.net )

LOL so fun, so messy! I guess I have to learn the Hahaha dance now. :]


by the way, do you guys see something weird in the picture above? (or is it just me?) It looks like there’s at least three short-haired girls.

Moreover, there’s also a rumor that Seohyun and Sunny had cut their short, and has been wearing wigs for the past three / four days. LOL i’s a weirrrrd rumor, I know. But them always wearing beanie and fedora respectively for the last three days in a row (1 2 3) does look fishy to me. Or maybe they just love wearing beanie and fedora. Yeah well, let’s see if Seobaby (Ha! I’m using it too now, Maria!) and Sunny really cut their hair short or not.


“The girls were incredibly pretty today. Taeyeon was so pretty it was surreal”

“Sunny was full of aegyo. She was wandering around saying ‘Miyu Miyu?’ or ‘Myuing Myuing’ LOL ”

“Yuri was also running around happy. Jessica kept beating up on her manager? Taeyeon didn’t seem well and was quiet.. Hyo and Yoong were horsing around and Sooyoung too. Yoong forgot the moves and Tae helped her”

“I kept yelling at Maknae to look at me oppa here but she ignored me TT. But Yuri dropper her phone and I picked it up for her and she bowed me thanks and I bowed back”

“There was this little kid in the shoot and the girls were so playful with her. Lucky kid got kisses… Taeyeon was just totally playing with her”

“This was one of the best event for sones, as we got to interact with the girls up close up and got to hi five with them – we touched their hands OMG TT TT”

“There was a news interview and Taeyeon said the new album will be ‘out soon'”

“The organizers messed up and forgot our lunch! All in all the shoot lasted 10 hours and everyone was hungry and dead tired at end. But the girls kept cheering us during breaks which kept us going”

“Girls were so great doing hi fives with every one. I got to do it with all 9 girls multiple times and got to boogie with them. It was the best day of my Sone career”

“Sica was hitting her codi with a handfan then the codi motioned to strike back and Sica cowered and broke out into laughter. Later Sica was chatting and feeding ice cream to her codi and she noticed me staring at her like a stalker. Then later I confronted her and asked for autograph. I was so frickin loud everyone was startled especially Sica LOL. She signed my ipod.”

“Yoon Sic Hyo were on stairs then Sica broke out into doing funny dance but Hyo stopped her. Uh why Hyo…Sica slipped on the escalator but squirmed and recovered. So cute…”

“No autographs allowed but one dude courageously stopped Taeyeon for autograph. She gave him one and Sooyoung was clapping and I said ‘ah… no one wants Sooyoung’s autograph…’ so then a Sooyoung fan ran to her but the manager kicked him away LOL”

“The rumors are true Maknae is the real boss of the nine she kept playing tricks on her unnies, especially on Sica. Well they were hugging like babies in the end.”

“Sooyoung was the best hi fiver and always answered back to fans shouting and waving her hands”

“It was so hot so during break the girls went out to patio and I followed them. Some staff started teasing Jessica and she yelled “Hey oppa!” and motioned to hit him. They sat there reading the fan letters given to them”

“Tiffany seemed very tired. She was complaining to codi unnie that the heels were hurting and made a long face and sobbed “I won’t wear them TT” and Sunny came and buried her chin on Fany’s collar bone. It was so cute we were just staring transfixed”

“When the shoot ended Tiffany yelled out to everyone ‘Thanks you’ve been great!’ and it was so loud it echoed in the building. She then bowed to each and every staff. So thoughtful”

“Sunny is the nicest girl she always answered to fans in full sentence like instead of ‘thank you’ she said ‘thank you you have been so great today”

“I told Sunny to give my letter to Yoona and Sunny laughed and said ‘Are you making me do deliveries now?’ And later I asked her if she gave it to Yoona and Sunny said ‘I threw it away’ TT But later I saw Yoona holding my letter hehe”

“Sunny scolded me to pay attention to dancing…I asked her about my hair and she stuck her tongue out TT ”

“I was in the back but Yuri came to me with her hands up and I panicked and raised my hands then she double hi fived me LOL”

“Yoona never stopped smiling throughout the day, and she was taller than Maknae which was not what I expected”

“Hyo and Sic kept horsing around with each other. Hyo is the iron girl, everyone else became dead tired but she was like no sweat even till the end”

cr: silis7noy@soompi

LMAO Jessica kept on beating the manager ❤

Haha I always love reading fan account like this, because it reminds why I love these girls. :]

Taeyeon is sick today, her voice doesn’t sounds good on today ChinChin 😦

… and so yes, Taengoo said the new album will come out soon!