For the latest episode of Horror Factory, SNSD (-YoonA) were split into teams, Team Blue and Black. Their mentors that day made them compete briefly for the title of hottest team!

Team Blue: Tiffany SeoHyun Yuri SooYoung
Team Black: HyoYeon TaeYeon Sunny Jessica

The Battle:

– – – – – – – – -Credits: Motchi48 – – – – – – – – –

Sorry Team Black, I voted for Team Blue! They seem to have taken the cameras a little bit more seriously! Seobaby so awkward, making her SO cute. Fany fell down from cracking up. Soo and Yuri took the dance very seriously.

On the other team, HyoYeon tried to show her sexy side while Tae and Sunny laughingly attempted, doing cute charlie’s angel poses, and then there was Jessica… as usual she TOO COOL for everything. She’s didn’t even bother wearing her jacket. At the end she managed to do a little “tell me” dance pose while laughing in an embarrased sort of way.

And keke I like how they placed the tall girls on one team and the short girls on the other… actually, Tiffany is the ONLY Soshi now thats not tall or short. She’s somewhere in between. I use to think HyoYeon was in the middle too till I realize Tiffany was a lot taller than Hyo, but she was placed in the front instead of Hyo anyways for SNSD‘s “interview” placement (like with Seo/Soo/Yoo/Yuri/Hyo at the back with Sun/Tae/Sic/Fany in the front).

Ah, I hope they get subbed soon… I dont want to watch the whole thing till I can understand it!