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All this time, you’ve seen me post all things JeNy when it comes to couples. Well, now it’s your turn.

Aienbest:  I include all pairings I could possibly find.
In order of appearance:
YulTi, SunSica, JeTi, TaengSic, YoonSun, SooFany, TaeRi, SooTae, SooSica, TaeNy, SunYeon, SooHyun, SooRi, HyoSun, YoonSic, HyoTae, HyoFany, YoonTae, YoonFany, YoonHyun, YulSic, HyoRi, SunRi, SeoFany, HyoSica, SunHyun, SooSun, SunFany, YoonYul, YoonSun.

Thanks to the awesome Aienbest for the video, she compiled almost all the SNSD couples into one video!

If you’ve seen JeTi on POPS IN SEOUL radio IN THE BOOTH with the awesome Isak, then you know where this quote is from.

Tiffany: They(fans) pair us up with each other, it’s cool though..
Jessica: It’s cool?
Tiffany: It’s like, when you go with ice cream and you can only get one flavour but instead you get like the family size and then you get all the other flavours and mix it every other day. I think that’s we’re kinda like..

Well this is how I like my ice cream: JeTi is my double scoop. YoSooRi is my tripple scoop. But if I’ don’t want to be a lil fatass, I like to keep it small and light, so I like my TaeSun. But if I wanna be daring and new, I like my HyoHyun because it’s not something everyone likes and I like to be different from time to time.

So, what about you? I know… well you know, that I don’t consider most of these “couples” as a couple, but I also know some of you are in denial or don’t know the truth so I decided to include them anyway.

Don’t forget to comment! Comments will count more than these votes 😛 Hmmm I guess whichever couple gets the most votes in comments will get a prize? Hmmmmmm….

P.S. How ironic! I was just listening to my SeeYa discography and now she (Aienbest) decides to use the FT. Island (Hongki) and SeeYa (Nam Gyuri) song. I’m such a K-pop dork -_-