Update: more rumors about MBC Lalala

After the success of SNSD Hahaha Campaign, Samsung will release the second version of SNSD Hahaha song. The MV (?) will be recorded on 8th of June, at Incheon Airport.

While yesterday, five  SNSD main singers: Taeyeon, Sunny, Jessica, Tiffany, and Seohyun recorded for MBC Music Trip LaLaLa (MBC 음악여행 라라라). It’s a “late night live music program and definitely going to show you the best studio live performance in HD format.” It’ll be aired on 25th. According to rumor they performed:

Day by day / ITNW unplugged ver. / JeTi – a greatest love of all . / Taeyeon – love

cr: bossa747, bug, and Kanki @ SSF


Awesomeness!!! Okay. Now I pray hard that it’s NOT merely a rumor.

Honestly, Day by Day and Into the New World (a.k.a DaManSe) are my favorite songs from them. Gahhh! I always wanted to see and hear the 5 of them sing Day by Day live ^^… and Into the New World unplugged version, ohmygod I know it will be awesome! I can’t wait for Taeyeon’s solo too, we all know how amajjing she is.

Last but definitely not least, JeTi. Duet. Greatest Love of All.

Let me repeat, JeTi. Duet. Greatest Love of All. asadjasdgahsdasdfasd

God, please let it be true.


Update: According to this article at Sosiz, the girls will perform Mama Mia OST, ‘Honey, Honey’ and 200 Pounds Beauty OST ‘Beautiful Girl’. Super Junior will also perform on that episode of MBC Music Trip Lalala too (Yay for Super Generation!).

Besides, SNSD and Super Junior will perform each other’s famous songs “Gee” and “Sorry sorry” with new arrangement .

The show will be aired at 12.35am on June 24th (aka 00.35am on June 25th)

cr: evanesco@sj-world.net

They’ll perform each other’s famous song with new arrangement??? SNSD will sing Sorry Sorry and SuJu will sing Gee??? EPIC. Now I just hope it’s not mis-translation or something. Ahhh… I definitely can’t wait for June 24th!