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Watch that whole video, and this post will make more sense.

😀 So if you guys have read >>this post<< (and the comments) then you’ll get what I’m saying below. Now for all those who are wondering how this:

and this:

Even the camera dude is like "Oh shit... what were the writers thinking... bye bye KSW"

were going to turn out… Well, now you know ^^. Oh Yoona, you lucky girl, you. Sigh, Kwon Sang Woo has always been a good lookin’ boy<3 I’ve only watched Love So Divine, My Tutor Friend, and ALMOST LOVE… I’ve yet to watch Stairway to Heaven, Volcano High, Cinderella Man, A Story Sadder than Sadness, and Destiny (a.k.a. Fate)… but as you can see, this man has been on a lot of famous on-screen projects. And for Yoona to kiss work (with) him is a big deal!

Well, I hope the Soshicrazies won’t kill this fine piece of art and the same goes for the ajumma KSW advocates.

Is this really 6+ years ago?!

Go Yoona, go yoona, it’s ya burfday. Go get some. Uh huhhhh. Gah damn, bless Kwon Sang Woo’s wife, Son TaeYoung.

Ahhhh~ There’s just something about >>big ‘ol six-packs<< on boys that just totally get me~ Don’t even get me started on Daniel Henney or Jon Avila’s sex (edit: oh whoops, Freudian slip 😛 but you know what I mean) pack~

C1NDY 5:40pm
Me 5:40pm
Fool, I will kill you
Wait, WHAT?!
C1NDY 5:41pm
what teh hells is this kissing. in the elevator!
Me 5:41pm
Kwon Sang Woo demonstrating what he’s gonna do to Yoona! 😀
C1NDY 5:41pm
Me 5:44
Oh how I love that face~

Credits: Tama Mama @JPHIP, Samlet @Allkpop