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credits to prot0980 and jaeuraznlive for these clips

First off, YulTi MC Cuts!

Then The Blue sing their new song, Feeling Only You, live with SooFany!

The girls come out around 1:55

Watching the live performance of Feeling Only You makes me wish for even more soofany interactions..cause whenever they do interact, its just so cute :[ The performance was good, girls only had a teensy part but hey, not bad. I love how Sooyoung towers over Tiff. And gosh they always make Soo wear pants -_-

Oooo I love Yul’s hair and outfit today. Her “no no no no no” is so adorable and ah there we go again, she’s giving Tiff more passionate looks. So presh. :O Taecyeon..<3.
Yeah..YulTi is def number one on my list again.