Duet Stage with Lee Juk makes false controversy…

(from Korean internet newspaper)

“Did Taeyeon, the leader of Girl’s Generation move her company?!”

On the 11th, many Korean internet sites were flooded with number one ranked live searching topics for Taeyeon and Lee Juk.

Few netizens have misunderstood the topic and started to search around if Taeyeon leejuked (yijuk, or lee juk means to move, which is commonly used when you are moving out from your company or etc. in Korean) from SM, but all the related articles were about the duet stage that Taeyeon and singer Lee Juk performed on the 7th Korean Music Festival in Hollywood Bowl.

On May 9th, videos of Taeyeon and Lee Juk participating at LA Korean Music Festival, singing Goose’s Dream with their passionate and devoted expressions has been released. The videos are grabbing most attentions from Korean netizens.

Fascinated and surprised by their singing ablility, most netizens were saying “Lee Juk and Taeyeon’s duet stage was fresh and pleasurable to listen” “Their live singing ablility is just great” “Taeyeon and Lee Juk’s harmony fitted the song”

In related news, the Goose’s Dream is originally from 1997’s group Carnibal’s album, where Kim Dong Ryul and Lee Juk was it. It was remade by Insooni last year and has been loved since present day.


I think it’s actually cute how the misunderstanding started, “Taeyeon leejuked”. The duet really was fresh. If you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST! >>you MUST! (refer to post on hb fancams). Speaking of which, another close up fancam [front view] of Jessica’s duet with Lena Park, has been updated in the post. Now back to the topic, I really hope that Taeyeon & the girls will NEVER move their company. I love seeing them with the SM family šŸ˜€