Edit: Okay, I’m added more pics IN A LINK (because there’s just too damn many) at the VERY bottom

Okay, for more VIDEOS (before, during, after), check out >>this post<< because this post will be dedicated to stalka pics and sightings of the girl during and after the performance. And if you have no clue what is going on or you’re completely late, check out >>the first post<<.

All pictures were posted from my people at >>JPHIP.COM<< at the SNSD thread. All credits for Supa Stalkin picture taking go to the SOOMPI and SOSHIFIED

Since these pictures are too big, I’ll be uploading them via imageshack (thumbnails) so y’all can get the full experience.

But before I proceed… I have to share my current favorite Yuri pic teehee

Beeehhhhh, You can't stalk me now, Korea!

Okay, enough of my awesomeness sillyness, onto the stalka picz

CINDY edit: Maria must go to church so I’ll add some new pictures before she returns. And Maria, you sillyyy girl, you’re not awesome (:

I’ll just use wordpress… imageshack hates my guts.


If any pictures are added, it will be indicated up at top! Right now we currently have  25 videos pictures posted above.

>>POST #12<< High quality, and close up! Woo, Supa Stalkin.