+ Raise Me Up Front View & Close Up Fancam

+ HD and up close perf of Jessica and Lena Park

+ Stalka Cam at a book store AND Sica and Tae coming back to the hotel

+ Added another fancam of taeyeon’s duet [closer ver.]/full fancam/jessica duet — & a merged fancam with both duets

+ Added another hotel fancam & intro/talk cut

+ Added another gee fancam [under ‘Gee’]


I’m not gonna lie, I’m beyond jealous of those who went to the HB this year :[ I’ll try to find more and update so check back once in a while.

I’ll start with this cause it’s cute!

credits: Bankaigirl@YT

Hotel Fancams

credits: dianabananna@YT

Includes Girls’ Generation, Gee, & Talk.

credits: AngieGetLow@YT

Includes Girls’ Generation, Gee, Talk, & Himnae

credits: dreamsxxHB@YT

Girls’ Generation

credits: totochi@YT

credits: ILuuvXiah@YT


credits: totochi@YT

credits: str4wb3rryxl0v3r@YT

credits: ILuuvXiah@YT

credits: TheJinkee@YT


credits: str4wb3rryxl0v3r@YT

Himnae/Way To Go

credits: sweetxlov3@YT

credits: TabloSEXiiBEAST@YT


credits: carmelrocks@YT

Taeyeon’s Duet W/ Lee Juk

credits: emoxeskimooooo@YT

[closer ver.]

credits: dreamsxxHB@YT

credits: ILuuvXiah@YT

Sica’s Duet W/ Lena

[Close Up]

credits: totochi@YT

[This one has talk at the end]

credits: kxjenn@YT

credits: dreamsxxHB@YT

credits: joyceeishungee@YT


5 seconds with SNSD

credits: yoOshenE@YT



sLaVe Edit:

Credits: Crazy51 and prot0980

Credits: Crazy51 and huhmas

Credits: Rosemarie @soshified, flytothesky + Maki Kanatsu @JPHIP, Anna + Mistuhjenjen @SNSDKOREAN

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