Maria Edit: As you can see, I bumped up the three posts for Hollywood Bowl (ones with fan account meetings, aka this one; >>Picture post<<; and the >>Video post<<). I know someone who went to HB and met the girls and you can read about her experience at the bottom 🙂

..and damn all you that get to see the girls! Jk. If you are there right now, remember to leave us a comment and share your experience!

Anyway here are some lil fan accounts about meeting the girls. This post will be updated continuously unless stated otherwise

Not a fan account but from random readings:

1. Went to Disneyland (OMG I BET YUL WAS SO HAPPY <33333)

2. yoona did not attend for the 2nd year in a damn row 😦

3. Managers did not allow personal picture taking but…a fan asked Sica for a picture and shes like “im not supposed to but dont tell” and she did 😀

4. Girls responded in English..well engrish for some maybe but hey hella cute

From pooltides:


and as an act of contrition for my boo-boo, i did some scouring for you

soy ran into sica after the group meet and got her autograph. She had some interesting stories to tell us.

The most notable story was that some SSF members followed Hyoyeon and Seohyun to a nearby rite aid (gah, those two are inseparable!). They somehow got separated and Seohyun was shouting in Korean, “Unnie, where are you?”

freakin’ adorable

oh yeah, and sica said “pardon?” again ^^



hey guys,

just wanted to let you know that I saw Tiffany on Wednesday, 5/6/09 at South Coast Plaza. My roomate told me about it when I was studying for my midterm at 7, and this was at like 5pm. I dropped my books (didn’t even care about studying anymore) and headed straight there and caught her while she was at Bloomingdales. I told all the make up atists there about her, cause they were wondering who I was looking at, and the makeup artists finally convinced me to go up and talk to her. Me not being korean, made it a little awkward, but since she’s fluent in english, it wasn’t so bad. I even got a picture with her, even though she refused at first, cause she said her manager wouldn’t let her. I told her I wouldn’t post it online, otherwise I totally would have. She’s so nice!!

taken from david888lee @ soompi

OMG. THE HELLS. -_- Well I’m glad he wont be posting the pic, respecting the artist always comes first (:


From maria:

Tiffany and Jessica arrived on Tuesday, before anyone else so they could go shopping together (omg they were 10 minutes away from my ex’s job). The rest arrived on Wednesday. Hit up disneylandon thursday

WOW THESE TWO. Sigh. They would arrive early for some shoppin..I understand though..and I’m sure every other girl out there will too. Rodeo Drive is where I’ll be if I was out in Cali right now.


omgosh…they met tiff 😦 how sweet is mushroom ❤ i swear. my graduation gift next year better be HB if the girls are goin again.

credits; telethrow

More to come!


Maria’s HB Representative’s Experience!

Okay, I’m just gonna give you guys a run down of what she told me.

I got to meet all of SNSD except for Yoona backstage, real quick, before the concert started. I had a friend who called me up who knew someone working for the Korean newspaper that’s a big host for the HB event. Of course, I got the hook up so I got to meet SNSD and SS501 which I was sooo happy about!

Jessica and Tiffany are really pretty in real life. Everyone was, seriously they were. But Jessica and Tiffany, okay you think they’re pretty when you see them on screen, even in the big screen on stage, but they’re so much prettier in person and face to face.
When I first met them, they kept asking how old I was. And you know, they’re real loud (especially Tiffany, no surprise) just like they say they are. It was really fun but it made me more nervous, and you know me, I’m usually not like that unless [yeah, you don’t need to know about the rest here :P]. But they were all so friendly and loud and they kept saying “chingu chingu” (friend friend) because they thought I was the same age as them but I said to them in Korean “No no, I’m your unni”- they were SO loud when they found out my real age (especially Tiffany, hahah) and couldn’t believe it so they proceeded to call me Eonni.
Tiff and Jess shares the same bottle! While I was talking to them, everyone had their own bottle ‘cept for the two of them. Even on stage, while they were talking, they shared the same bottle. AND, Tiff had her arm on Jessica’s shoulder while Jess had her arm on Tiffany’s waist.
You know how the girls are really competitive? So they kept asking who my favorite was. Tiff asked in English (Jessica is so shy [quiet she means]!) and Sooyoung or Sunny (I can’t remember) asked in Korean who I liked best. Of course I said all of them [she’s such a liar] because I didn’t want to make anyone jealous (or feel like there’s competition). I really like all of them but you know who my favorites were [sooooo obvious]. But my Oppa was such a ass and he said “liar!” so I had to tell them. I told them “I like Tiffany best because [blah blah blah] and because she speaks English so I can understand her.” [Pfft, more Jessica for me! JessiEnglish]
Sooyoung of course, competing to be loved started to speak in English. It was so funny,  “Hello eonni!”. So everyone, especially me, started to laugh. She’s so funny though, so cool! But my face was red the whole time because I was still kinda nervous!
OH! And instead of being mannerly/respectful by bowing when I came to meet them, Jessica just waved while everyone else bowed… [cuz she’s too fuckin cool]. Jessica is cool, but shy, she has a soft and angelic voice.

The girls were soooo nice. They were happy to meet me and they all tried talking to me which I was happy about because I didn’t want to feel like I was only giving special attention to Tiffany (and Jessica). They said they hope we could meet again, which I thought was so nice. I told them that I’d be studying in Korea during the summer for [not letting you guys know] and they said I should come and visit! Me being stupid and trying to be cool just said “I’ll try” [T_T she’s such a dumbass]. They said I should try and catch their performance at Music Bank since the university I’ll be staying at is only an hour away from the station and I again answered with a stupid reply [of course].

Obviously you can tell when it’s me and not her haha. This is by my Eonni, so believe it or not, I know I do. She got to meed SS501 for longer and they serenaded her! That bastard!!! Actually, I’m a bit more jealous about her meeting Jessica SNSD XD! Oh and just so you know, everything she was saying…. that’s not how we talk and most definitely not how she talks… I edited everything so it was CLEANER and much easier to read. Heehee. Don’t get me wrong, I love ma eonni, she’s cool. She’s just so T________T. ‘Preciate it though!

And there you have it, Jessica’s “I don’t give a—-” or otherwise known as, Don Jess. She ain’t bowin’ to anyone.