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..muahahah! 😀 Okay I really do even if it seems like this couple is kinda in hiding.

translation by cathode@soshified.com/forums
PS by pinkosa@soshifieid.com/forums

(Italics are the translations-not my comments)

Girls throwing a graduation party for Sooyoung and Yoona~


Taeyeon was mumbling something.
Taeyeon didn’t know what Sooyoung was doing….

Then, Sooyoung started talking to Fany through video chat.

Taengoo, surprised!!!!

bRealizing Fany’s on video chat, Taeyeon’s focus is all on the cell phone.

Meanwhile, Sooyoung assures Tiffany that she will leave some cake for her.
Yea right lol.

cWhen Taeyeon tried to get a good look at Fany, Sooyoung quickly passes the phone to

dTaeyeon tries to get a better view and moves….


Taeyeon jumps to see her Fany.


Taeyeon finally came to a good spot. She was about to say hi to Fany…


Taeyeon yells, ‘Fany yah~~~’ just like how a fan would…. (IMO more like a lovers call..)
Unfortunately, Yoona’s done talking to Tiffany; she gives the phone back to Sooyoung.


You can see Taeyeon’s little bit frustrated. You can tell by her expression…


Assuming Yoona and Sooyoung didn’t see her jumping in order to see Fany…

She pretends to be going over to the other side to get some cake.



SEE! Only a husband can work so hard to try and get her wife’s attention..not to mention be so bitter if she couldnt. 😀 Awww Taengoo is just so cute trying to talk to Tiff. Bad Soo! 😛

On a side note…yeah right, poor Tiff prob got no cake hahahahaha.