credits; codeanalysis

Awww Tiff looked so adorable standing off at the side singing, dancing by herself ❤ But GIRL YOU GOTTA STOP MOVING! Let the ankle rest! 😦 Its a full fledged cast too..ah my poor girl. You can see Taengoo’s lil mistake, well I think its cause they switched the choreo a bit since Tiff wasnt in it so Taengoo forgot. So cute 😛 lol and Tiff is the only one in a skirt, I think it was just easier to wear a skirt then skinny jeans with a huge cast. Gah only this girl can make standing off to the side look like the cutest thing in the world..

Seohyun performs Jjalajajja Live

Seohyun’s voice is just so soothing (: Great live