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I’m sure everyone can tell just how joyful I am with this ❤ They will forever be the royal couple in my heart (: (maria..shush. leave if you were going to say something and kill the mood! -_- ) We all know these girls have been tight knit since trainee days and Tae is the husband and Tiff is the wife. They got their lock/key necklace and no Tae, we arent over thinking these things, we know its real! 😀

Since I’m such a big TaeNy fan and Maria…well shes more of a JeNy shipper..I got to pick all the wonderful pictures and GIFs myself! If you noticed, I’m even trying to type with proper grammar but I probably messed up somewhere.

First we got the beautiful GEE mini album booklet, yes they even put TaeNy together. Just a bonus..if you have the album, or just google the album cover, you can see Mushroom is putting her arm around Tae’s waist. Love it.
Then we have the typical couple picture, Tiff resting her head on Tae ❤
And lastly, this is the gif from the video where Tae was named number 1 female celebrity people want to date/marry. Tiff was making a clear statement that Tae is hers and no one else can take her and I am not making this up.

taeyeon-and-tiffany-35Normally friends just hold your hand, but their fingers are interlocked ❤

And I owe Maria..so JeNy is def. couple of the week next week. Sorry guys about no voting! Blame Maria if you must!