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SNSD’s Tiffany is ranked #1 for female F4, ‘the beauty that matches best with images of spring’.

The survey about ‘pin-up boys and girls that match best with images of spring’ was conducted by 에듀윌 among its 996 members from February 9th to 20th.

The result showed that the ‘beauty that matches best with images of spring’ is SNSD’s Tiffany (35%, 350). The main reasons for the choice were her unique and cute eye-smile, and aegyoful(lovable) personality.

[KARA’s Goo Hara 2nd, Lee Hyunhee 3rd, Han Gain 4th, Lee Nayoung 5th]

On the other hand, Kang Dongwon was picked as the ‘handsome man that matches best with images of spring’ and Jang Geunsuk, Jung Ilwoo, Kim Hyunjoong, Lee Minho were ranked 2nd to 5th respectably in that order.

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Taeyeon was ranked #1 for a girl people want to date with in spring. Tiffany was 2nd in that category. Sohee 3rd.

oh and someone asked about F4 thing. The reason why they used F4 is that Koreans literally say “flower boys/girls” when they are referring to pretty boys and girls.


I def agree that Tiff fits the image of Spring well…and no its not the biased side kicking in 😛 Its that bright and bubbly personality that makes her so..springy?

Personally, if they made a female F4 drama, like Girls Over Flowers or whatever, I’d so watch it even if Tiff isnt the best actresses out there 😀

Speaking of F4..I cant stop watching Boys over Flowers..