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EDIT: Cindy here, just added a super cute Yoona picture. Notice what she is wearing on her wrist. Cutie ❤

Well, she’s performing again. I’m happy to see YoonA do another performance although it probably just made her even more tired >.> Either way, I hope to see more of this after their comeback! it’d really suck if she couldn’t make it to that!

Kissing You @KBS2 Music Bank 2008/12/26

The concept was cute for the costumes. I really liked it and the girls looked so pretty! Hair hair, and more pretty hair ❤ Poor Yul, she sounded like she was a bit sick? LOL at TaeYeon’s shirt… Did Jess not do her own note at 2:31?

Credit: CJW @Youtube


credits; soshified

snsdkorean: LOL she would have a deer on her wrist. Shes workin with her nickname.