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Piccies, piccies, and more piccies of the new album concept! Remember the really weird looking picture we found of Jess in those weird clothes with the nasty not-so-matching colors? Well THANK GOODNESS that they heard our screams and you know what, I’m happy for the delay of this album. Cuz now, we get blessed with much, much better looking concepts!

EDIT: Okay, well Cindy beat me. But I still have more pictures! So consider this a better post a part two

EDIT 2: Well I didn’t want to have three posts in a row of just pics and such.

LOL SooYoung. Soori Sorry, there’s just something about the eating goddess eating something (or having any type of food by her mouth) as not sexy but funny. Is it just me, or is anyone having a hard time finding Yoona?

…omgomgomgomg wait. I don’t see anyone with short hair. JESS HAS EXTENSIONS! JESS! YEZ! Wow, almost didn’t recognize Tiff.. well hello thar But I think I see the concept already… I hope there will be rollerskating in their new MV!

Beat of Angel = BoA. Wait… what?

Credits: Tama unni @JPHIP, Citra unni (Bellisima) @JPHIP and SSF


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Rumor has it that this is just a denim ad 😦 Don’t you just hate rumors?!

Credits: Tama unni @JPHIP