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These pics are the same as the ones found >>here<< but these are larger, slightly higher quality, and more up close. Much better for my your (viewing) pleasure! Right? Of course!

The pictures are getting more positive reviews than negative, which is always a great thing. The only common and slightly negative comment I have yet to come across is that the concept is a bit plain. WHO CARES?! Because we all know that 90% of the time, when groups are given costumes (especially matching costumes),  they all suck and look retarded. So who cares if it’s a bit Plain-Jane or casual? I think (smarter) fans have concluded by now that when their idols are in casuals (jeans, shirts, hoodies, etc), they actually look 10x hotter, right? Of course!

To quote a fan who says it all:

Gaaaaa! YAY! Gonna die now. I LOVE IT!
SEOHYUN IS A GROWN WOMAN NOW. She turns my lesbo on. Whoa.

jccj @AKP

Omgee the thumbnails worked! Supposedly these posters have been “popping” up everywhere in Seoul. Some good promoting I guess!

They sucsexfully did a sexellent job at showing just how sextastic they can be. Did I get my point across?

Credits: Johnny oppa @Allkpop, Soy @ Soshified

Edit: for some odd reason, when you click Yoon’s thumbnail the picture isn’t as big as it’s supposed to be. Check this out: http://img291.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1230305741dbsdkcu5.jpg

Credit: Drifoy @JPHIP