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Today in Korea is August 1st…aka our brighter then jewels mushrooms birthday! 😀 She has finally reached the age of 20 (Korean age)! Click more to read my extremely..long message to the girl and to see some memorable clips of her (:

Happy birthday Fany Fany Tiffany!
It has been almost one year since SNSD made their debut performance (August 5th to be exact.) and you have come a long way. I remember watching Yoona’s Manwon Happiness and seeing a super cute girl with short hair and an adorable smile. It took me not even a second to memorize your face and your name. Afterwards I saw you on a show with Big Bang’s Daesung and I remember thinking “Oh! Theres that Tiffany girl from SNSD!”. It was through that show that got me to fall for your lovely personality and character. (for those who are curious what show that was, i’ll have the link up at the bottom)
I also remember watching “GGTS” and there was that one episode where you and the other members did a School of Rock for an elementary school. I kept replaying that part where you couldn’t stop screaming “Beulelelelele!”, it was probably the cutest thing I ever seen 😀
Not only is your fear of bugs make you even more loveable, but even your mistakes too! People might call you DdilFany and bring up pictures of your dance mistakes, but its because of those mistakes that makes us fans love you even more! The fact that you can’t pronounce “jewels” perfectly is adorable and of course, cute (: Lastly, the way you call Yuri, “Yuree-ah” and SeungRi “Seung Reee”, makes you even more unique. Hey, I find myself running around the house going “Yuree ah yuree ah!”
I am amazed at how you always keep a smile on your face and try to hide yourself away from the camera when you want to cry. You’re always working hard, trying to improve your singing and your dancing, and that hard work is definitely worth it because I see improvements in you every day. I hope you never change and always keep that lovely bubbly personality of yours because thats what your members, fans, and especially I love best! No matter how tough the road gets, just remember us fans are always here 😀

PS. THANK YOU FOR LOGGING INTO SOSHIFIED AND TALKING TO US! Now…get Sica and the rest to log in hehe 🙂

Now, lets relive some of the best Fany moments ever.

JeNy duet for Cant Fight the Moonlight. THE AMERICAN COUPLE WHOOP! 😀
Lemme tell you..Fany’s ghetto “Yo!” are so beast.

Winning 1st on MusicBank for Kissing You. During the awards part, Tiffany was hugging her members tightly and cheering soshi on during the encore (i guess thats the best word).

Heaven, JeNy duet again. 🙂

TaeFany duet. A Moment Like This. ROYAL COUPLEE

Another JeNy duet, “Only One for Me”. Super beautiful..heck all snsd covers are beautiful.

Because of You. TaeFany <33 As you can tell, I’m obsesed with Tiffany singing in English

SooFany lipsyncing BoA’s “Love Letter”. Fany doesnt even know Japanese, but she’s such a HUGE boA fan she can lipsync it 🙂

the classic Fany moment. Collecting lollipops. rofl.

Stick Wit You Fany versionnn, heheh ❤

Singing BoA songss

dirty fany lmao


clip from the same show

Dancing clip from star king

bug rap hahahahah

I know i went excessive with the videos links…just wait till their first anniversary…theres gonna be more I can assure you lol.


Ok this is enough Fany spam attacking for today at least lol. MABINOGI IS REALSED TODAYYYY. Check back later for the link yo! =) SOrry for the long post…just wait till their first anniversary. Oh yeah tomororw is the anniversary for the release of ITNW. I might have a few spams over that too 😀