Everybody, read the instructions and START VOTING AWAY!

credits; soy for info
How to vote :

1. Go to mnet.com
2. On the left theres a spot for members to login, right below that there is a link in PINK. Click that
3. Click the box that says foreigner
4. Check each box and then click save
5. This page is in english so fill it out
6. Your done now you log in
7. Then you go here http://choice.mnet.com/2008/vote.asp
8. Good luck with the voting the pics are really small

credits to hotdog90 @ soompi.

Vote for our girls.

Category 15 (스쿨 걸 – Hot School Girl) has both Yoona & Tiffany on it, so basically gahh we’re going to have to split up and vote.
4th choice is Yoona
5th choice is Tiffany

Category 19 (온라인 송 – Hot Online Song) has Kissing you as the second choice.

The results : http://choice.mnet.com/2008/ranking.asp#reportTable_2