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“RUMOUR?! of some new show by Mark PD (The one who filmed MTV SNSD) with SNSD.

Mark PD left a message in his web “I am going to meet them again…we have a tight bond. Starting soon…” He didn’t specify who “they” are but it sure feels like he was talking about SNSD since their come back is not far away.


Could be something to do with WG, but I highly doubt it. Actually, I don’t want to believe that lol.

Someone pointed out his wording of the first sentence (다시만나는구나) resembles SNSD’s first single ITNW (다시만난세계).

Just found out Mark PD is no longer associated with MTV. So it won’t be MTV SNSD season 2, but something else. ”

credits; bug @ soshified

If this is true…DUDE i will be so flippin happy.