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Awww..the soshi bond is just love haha. I was diggin through the sosipmill over at soshified forums since I havent been able to keep up with it since I left. Came across this cute lil thing =)

080629 ChinChin

Taeyeon said that because all the girls are busy with their individual schedules during the day, they have this new thing where they always get together every night to have a ‘5-minute-talk‘ where they’ll share their day and such.

Taeyeon: “I’ll go, ‘Hey guys! Let’s have our 5-minute talk!’ Then everyone will crawl out of their rooms (laughs)”
Kangin: “I can really imagine you girls crawling out of your rooms using your arms.”
Kangin: “You should invite me to it as well next time.”
Taeyeon: “Sure. Would you like to lead it for us?”
Kangin: “How much will you pay me?” “I’m quite expensive.”
Taeyeon: “…We’ll treat you to a watermelon.”
Kangin: “Will you take the seeds out?”
Taeyeon: “…Sure.”
Kangin: “I’ll go then.”


Taeyeon also commented on how Yuri would sing out loud to herself while listening to music on the headphones and said it’s hilarious to watch her do so.

credits; ak6c

How I’d LOVE to have a talk with the girls daily…i’ll even get on my knees and crawl out and join them 😀 I think I should start those lil talks here on teh blog..where we can all just rant about our snsd obsession (: