CeCi releases videos for Tiffany’s birthday-party coverstory photoshoot


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snsdkorean has been a little dead for the last two weeks (sorry! >.<), but a heavenly angel by the name of Tiffany Hwang has resurrected us with the sheer power of her beauty! Our regular updates will resume starting now with the BTS videos and video-cover from Tiffany’s recent photoshoot with CeCi magazine, enjoy!

PS, the song in the first video is “Sunshine Avenue” by Moth & The Flame


Mnet 20’s Choice Awards~


On July 18, Mnet held the one and only summer awards ceremony for youth, the ‘20’s Choice Awards’ which took place at Ilsan’s KINTEX Exhibition Hall. The exciting event was hosted by Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo and Jun Jin, and TV personality Kim Seul Ki.

Unfortunately, SNSD did not win any awards… however they were nominated for two awards!

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Hard-To-Watch video of the week, Yuri sheds tears on Dancing9


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In order to promote their upcoming show, Dancing9, M.Net’s youtube channel has been releasing videos showing the reactions of Hyoyeon and Yuri to some of the performances on the show. This one, released a couple days ago, took fans by surprise as it shows Yuri becoming emotional while watching contestants dance.

Damn onions… T_T

Henry & Seohyun peform a violin and piano duet of ‘Trap’


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SM’s newest solo act, Henry, whom you might also remember as one of the M-members of Super Junior, has collaborated with genius Seohyun to perform a special duet of his song, “Trap“. Like Seohyun, Henry can play the piano, violin and guitar, and has been learning instruments from a young age. The two are definitely super talented and the duet is really beautiful to listen to.

Everybody go thumb it up and watch it 100 times so that SM knows we like it and gives us more! WHY AREN’T INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMANCES A REGULAR THING??

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All good things come to an end – Dating Agency: Cyrano eps 15 & 16 (finale) Eng Subbed



Over far too soon! The final episodes of Dating Agency: Cyrano are here at last, with English subs for your viewing pleasure. The drama finishes the way it started – with excitement, non-stop fun, and with love as its final message. The mysteries of the mysterious characters are revealed, love is finally found for some, and Gong Minyoung…well, get it gurl!

Thank you, Dating Agency: Cyrano, for the weekly double-dosage of fun and romance. We’ll miss you!

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Tiffany’s gorgeous floral-themed photoshoot for CeCi’s August issue


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August-birthday-girl Tiffany was chosen as CeCi magazine’s covergirl for their August issue. Below is the cover-story shoot, wherein Tiffany is a stunning homeless woman who is living out of a garden and therefore spends all her time around plants. I’m kidding, I think they just thought ‘pretty girl. flowers. originality.’ And that was that. Theme aside, babycakes looks absolutely drop-dead and let’s just allow ourselves to be healed by her beauty.

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Perfect Jungs are perfect.

Good news, Jungbians! StoneHenge has recently shared new vids & pics to promote their products and everything in them is sparkly, gorgeous, elegant, luxurious…. and oh look, there’s jewelry in there too! SM’s star-siblings Jessica and Krystal look as stunning as ever as StoneHenge makes them be more touchy than ever; a fore-warning that this may be detrimental to the health of your heart. ❤_❤

Oh, StoneHenge, still pushing that overly-touchy-suuuper-affectionate-sisterly-and-also-really-gay-love-vibe I see.

stonehenge jung stonehenge jung 2
In other news! Baby Jung’s group f(x) is making a comeback soon, and y’all better support the crap out of it!



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Gong Minyoung sees us off with a kiss; Dating Agency: Cyrano comes to a close.


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After a whilrlwind of a run, the last episode of Dating Agency: Cyrano aired last night, bringing a close to the adventures of Gong Minyoung & Co. and the drama debut of our up-and-at-em shikshin, Sooyoung.

I think it’s safe to say Sooyoung exceeded all expectations with her performance – there was a little bit of awkwardness here are there but overall she did much better than many other idols who have tried their hand at acting and we were all pleasantly surprised to see how much she had prepared for the gig. Sooyoung was perfect for the role of Gong Minyoung and expressed her perfectly, her comedy was on beat and cleverly delivered, and most importantly her chemistry with fellow lead, Lee JongHyuk was absolutely ace. Whether you like Gong Minyoung and Seo Byunghoon together romantically or platonically, there is no denying that together they are adorable and hilarious.

Overall she gave an impressive performance in her first lead role and Dating Agency: Cyrano has been incredibly enjoyable. Sooyoung-ah, we’re proud of you!

After the airing of the last episode, Sooyoung hit the official Girls’ Generation website and left the following message for her fans, taking time to thank all of her co-stars, the staff, her members and fans:

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