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Alongside Tiffany’s (attempted) midnight anniversary message, other members have also thought to drop us sweet and simple messages to celebrate 6 years of both SoShi and SONE.

Jessica left a pre-mature message on August 4th, instead of August 5th, on her Weibo account;


While Yuri uploaded a photo familiar to all SONEs onto her instagram account;

6th yuriShe included the caption;thank you sone, happy 6th birthday #100BlowFish #ImSayingIMissYou“. (‘Blowfish’ and ‘Miss you’ in Korean sound similar. She later commented to imagine what it would be like with 100 blowfish.)

Meanwhile, Yoona hit up the official Girls’ Generation smtown website and uploaded a SelCa with a sweet message to the fans;

6th yoona
Hello SONEs^^

The time passed for a group called Girls’ Generation.
It’s already been 6 years huh~♥
The me who was 18 has somehow turned 24.
I’ve also gotten many hoobaes..
I think among female groups, we’re the ones who have gone the longest^^
You’re still by our sides saying we’re the best
Even though we must be showing appearances that are lacking compared to at the start
I think because there are people who are always cheering for us,
even though it’s already been 6 years,
we can still remain as the cool Girls’ Generation♥
Thank you always♥
Right now it’s Girls’ Generation~!!

And just as August 5th drew to an end, Taeyeon also used her instagram to show off some cute scribbles (that weirdo) to express her gratitude to the fans.

6th taeyeon
Tha caption for the photo above was; “6th anniversary, thank you, SONE, and my members #gg #6
6th taeyeon 2While the caption for her second upload was “Kkil kkil kkil (a very weird laugh)”.

While Sunny, also just making it before August 5th ended, sent out a heartfelt tweet using her twitter account.
6th sunny
Translation; “I’m happy receiving congratulations from various places^^ at dawn yesterday, through group chat, us membersㅋㅋ congratulated each other~.. um, I can’t do something that will make your fingers curl!!ㅋㅋ thank you, and I love you, SONE!! Happy 6th anniversary #9irls6eneration
Once again, happy anniversary to SNSD and all y’all SONEs out there!
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