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Recently, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Sunny headed to L.A as invitees to the L.A Dodgers vs Cincinnati Reds game. As a celebration of Korea Day, Taeyeon performed the Korean national anthem, “”Aegukga (Patriotic Song/Song of Patriotism)” while Tiffany sang the American national anthem, “Star-Spangled Banner“. The opening pitch of the game was thrown by Sunny.

Sunny’s pitch has received a thumbs up from fans (because any pitch is better than a JeTi pitch) while Taeyeon and Tiffany both received praise for the performances, with Korean netizens noting how well they did. The event has been one of high public interest; when it was announced the three girls would be in L.A singing the national anthem earlier this month, the search phrase “Taeyeon Tiffany Sunny L.A Dodgers” became the number one most searched in a matter of hours on popular korean portal Naver.

The stadium was packed with SNSD fans who got to see the girls up close, and for the rest of us, here are some vids/cams.

Tiffany’s epic fan-service (she’s so nice TT__TT):

Opening pitch:




Taeyeon being a proud proud umma:

Game opening:

Tiffany on cousin’s instagram (kryskhloe):

Taeyeon & Sunny on friend’s instagram (Nicqueen):

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If you have your own fancams or have found any really good ones, feel free to post them in the comments section below using the video’s embed code! 😀