Seohyun recently uploaded the following pictures onto the official Girls’ Generation website accompanied with the message;

“Hi hi~ This is Seohyun! There was an addition to Seohyun’s family yesterday!! Heh.  The name of this very small, white kid is Dubu~!^^ The way it jumps around with its hand-sized body is really loveable~Ooh. It seemed like a waste seeing it by myself, so I’m sharing it like this ♥”~

“Dubu” = tofu.
And one more cutiefluff joins the ranks of the exclusive and revered SoShidogs club! If anybody is wondering why all the SoShidogs are so tiny, it’s because in South Korea only ‘toy’ dogs (bred to be small and cute) are kept as pets. Large dogs are much less common and aren’t likely to be seen off the farm.
cr. ch0sshi, smtown